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Homo  Sapiens Survival Formula

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      In a situation of risk of large-scale world war, especially nuclear war, the problems, and ways of survival of mankind, which have been analyzed in this work in relation to peacetime, become even more relevant. First of all, knowledge of these ways is necessary to prevent the destruction of humanity as a species. And it is necessary not only for the powers that be, but also for every reasonable person.

    Many have now become crushed on war reporting and analysis and are beginning to believe that the problem of survival is solved by having more advanced weapons and an army. But such an approach leads to an arms race, which does not solve the problem, but exacerbates it. There is a growing risk of war on a global scale due to chance or the madness of someone with access to nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction. 

    In addition, a new, truly existential threat has appeared. Even if we wage war according to all the rules of the Vienna Convention, with proper conventional weapons, it could still lead to the death of mankind. For, on the one hand, there is an enormous stockpiling of weapons and, on the other hand, the habitat of Homo sapiens is extremely depleted and fragile. It cannot withstand the massive additional destruction and pollution of the atmosphere, fields, forests, reservoirs, etc., to which wars inevitably lead. And what heaps of rubbish from destroyed military and other equipment and from destroyed buildings mixed in with what was inside them?  What additional resources will have to be taken again from Mother Nature in order to rebuild what has been destroyed?

   So, creating and stockpiling new weapons does not solve the problem, but only postpones and exacerbates the catastrophe.

     It is our belief that people need to change their values, their survival paradigm, and their world order. We need to find, and use means and methods that simultaneously address the three challenges:

(A) Contribute to the well-being of the survival and development of HOMO SAPIENS,

B) prevent or at least reduce the threat of disaster,

B) help to survive if one does happen.


   I started working on wartime sustainability issues back in the eighties, when I worked in a defense research center and wrote my dissertation. Then, for 14 years, I dedicated my public work to sustainable development in the UN sense. I have been working on this project for 4 years (and in some sense, all my life).  At first, I planned to write it as a book but then I decided that in the age of Internet a long text (longread) is not eco-friendly and not very effective. So, I decided to keep the length of the text to a minimum, just to outline the essence of the idea and the technology of its implementation.

   As is customary in science (although the author has devoted most of his conscious life to business and public activity, but before that he managed to gain experience in scientific work and a degree in economics) made a Plan- prospect and posted it on a specially prepared website on 23 February 2022. Within hours, overnight Putin announced a 'Special Military Operation' in Ukraine and immediately its implementation began...

   There are hardly any normal people who have not experienced the shock of such large-scale military action, especially as the risk of nuclear war was immediately apparent! And in this state of shock, it was somehow not a question of creativity, ecology, health, and the well-being of society.

   But... wait! How can we not care about ecology, how can we not care about health and society? After all, it is wars that do the most damage to all of this! And it is after wars that humanity, at least its reasonable part, thinks about WHAT should be transformed to avoid such things in the future. How to restore what has been destroyed, what to recreate and what to change completely, following the challenges from the future? It is not only about destroyed buildings, landscapes, or agricultural works. It is much more important what is destroyed or unfinished in the minds of individuals and in society!  

    But that's exactly what the project-book is about! It is about the fact that the most important thing is LIFE (how useful to be reminded of this, at a time when people are killing each other en masse)! It is about the fact that life is impossible without normal NATURE which gave birth to all of us and allows us to exist (while wars destroy both flora and fauna)! That along with LIFE, HEALTH is crucial (statistics show that besides those killed, wars produce 3-4 times more wounded, physically and mentally crippled, i.e. people deprived of full HEALTH!)

    As a result, I am of the opinion that, on the contrary, it is the right time for a huge number of active and intelligent people to learn, discuss and get to the bottom of these issues.

   Firstly, humanity was already on the precipice of ecological and climatic catastrophe, as well as of the Sixth Extinction. A large-scale military conflict with the risk of a transition to a world nuclear war could finally push Homo Sapiens into the abyss of non-existence.  But if people have the intelligence and will to act correctly (which is what we seek to reveal in this project-book), this disaster can help to avoid all catastrophes at once (just like the saying "there was no luck, but unhappiness helped").

   Secondly, here we have laid down consideration of how to maintain and enhance health and well-being in the face of the significant reduction in natural and other resources that is inevitably coming, and which will affect almost everyone to a greater or lesser extent. 

   The third pro argument of a psychological nature, is revealed in the Afterword to this text and will not be spoiled here.

    So maybe it is no accident that it took me so long to finish this book project and finally published it right on the eve of such a tectonic shift in history?  Anyway, I am sure of one thing: there will be no harm in promoting these ideas and suggestions (so that the commandment "do no harm"

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             Inter-project EcoSanaClub – ESCape to Life



 Chapter 1. ONE LIFE.






Chapter 7. THE SEVEN SCALES OF HABITAT. Our statuses and opportunities to influence at these scales.

Chapter 8. EIGHT EFFECTIVE ECO-RULES to save Homo Sapiens and its habitat.



AFTERWORD. ECOSANACLUB-= it is also the formula of a new sustainable world order, as well as the Noosphere.

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    The protagonist of this book is Homo Sapiens. He and his species are engaged in a titanic struggle for destruction against... Nature. Nature is the mother of Homo Sapiens, she gave birth to him, gave him everything he has. Without Nature, Homo would not live a week. Yet he stubbornly, day after day, cripples and kills her.  What awaits the hero in this struggle?

    Each of us has a relationship with this "hero" and it is difficult for us to adequately discern ourselves from the outside. But, if we do, the question arises: is Homo Sapiens really the apex of the good creations of the Creator, Nature, or other higher forces of the universe, destined to make this world more perfect? Or is he a dead-end offshoot, an idiot who will eventually destroy most of what Nature has created over billions of years, over thousands of years by himself, and himself in addition?

    Apparently, it will be up to the current generations to answer this existential question. And within the next decade.

    And the answer must be deeds, not words. And the price of this answer is the lives of all together as a species, and the lives of everyone as an individual: men, women, the rich, the poor, the elderly... But the highest price is the lives of children, who are innocent of anything, but may lose much more than their 'caring' parents.

    Let us not forget the lives of the majority of those we humans have domesticated, bred, and enslaved (all our "cats, dogs, cows, lambs, chickens, birds" etc.), who now outnumber the wild animals that can survive on their own.

    Despite the vastness of the issues and the complexity of the topic, we will try to present and discuss it in a way that is unburdening and even entertaining, understandable to people with different levels and areas of knowledge. This is because everything we discuss will be based on the most accurate knowledge and its sources. For all that we will consider is of paramount importance to the life, health, and well-being of all normal people. And it is up to them to implement the solutions we develop.


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     Who led people to the survival line and how?  

  Survival, world order, health, happiness and other existential (self-existence-related) questions have plagued people for thousands of years. Countless authors have produced even more different kinds of books and publications on these topics. However, despite warnings from the most far-sighted and conscientious minds, their voices have not been heard, and by our time humanity has indeed come to the line of survival.

    The industrial mode of economy of the last few centuries has given humans unprecedented power, comparable, and even in some ways superior, to that of Nature. But these same processes, with their division of labor, narrow specialization, etc., have led to a massive de-development (a significant reduction in important cognitive abilities) in humans. Including even many graduates of the world's prestigious universities and those who have found themselves among the elites of various scales. Often, by misunderstanding and unthinking support of the respective "human masses". 

    Moron, of course, is a rude and unpleasant word.  But tell me how else you can call people who effectively, using the latest "achievements of scientific and technological progress" and the organization of work, in general, seeking the health, welfare and longevity of themselves and their offspring, do the exact opposite! After all, they are sawing off the branch on which they sit - they ruin their environment! And therefore, their lives and the lives of their descendants for whom, as they themselves assure everyone, they work in the sweat of their brow?   

   Even (and even more so) if these people have ascended to the Olympics of Power, Business, Media, Culture, Art, etc.

 Well ok, not to turn away people who are not lost for good deeds with a rude word, let's call it "eco-idiocy". But being aware that if a person does not understand how he himself and the house in which he lives, the cradle in which he was born, the Mother Nature that gave birth to him, then he is the very real retard! Even if he has a high status, IQ and a lot of diplomas.

    What is Eco-idiocy and who is it for?  

    To tell you the truth, for most of my life I too belonged to the brave cohort of eco-idiots. I didn't pay much attention to environmental/sustainable development issues when I was at university and postgraduate level, working in factories, on construction sites and in agriculture, conducting scientific research, heading social organizations of various scales. Even in my own business, related to urban planning and development, and thus to land and Nature, for the first 10-15 years I did not think much about the impact on the environment.

    It was only after delving into this subject that I realized that, like most others, all these theoretical and practical efforts were essentially aimed at taking resources away from Nature, making something out of them that was not very necessary or even necessary for human life, extracting added value from it and setting it off in the same circle, but on a larger scale.

     It was only fifteen or twenty years ago, when I found out what was happening to Nature and how it threatened us and our descendants, that I started to push eco- idiocy firmly and persistently out of myself, my family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and everyone else I could reach.  I have understood and created something important in this field, which, I suppose, I am obliged to share with other Homo Sapiens for their personal, as well as family and general well-being.

    The problem of preserving and enhancing habitats concerns all Homo sapiens. Because if the climate or atmospheric air composition is significantly degraded, for example, no one can survive, protect their health, or at least thrive.  The goal of the project is therefore to make the maximum possible for all Homo Sapiens on Earth, even if this maximum is a small fraction of the desired outcome.

    Who needs the ECOSANACLUB project and why?

    In essence, the project is all woven together from the essential knowledge and skills that politicians, businessmen, public figures, and other public figures should possess. However, for the author, this project did not and does not contain political or commercial objectives. It is a symbiosis of education and coaching, but not narrowly thematic, but the broadest - species survival training, including "Life coaching" and "Health coaching" (promising professions, by the way!).  

    In this project the author, together with other colleagues, would like to get off the mainstream of the road to oblivion, which the majority of the population of the planet is now recklessly following.  I would like, together with those who have already grown to scientifically verified knowledge and practices of wellbeing, and those who are still striving to reach them, to move to the road of survival and wellbeing of longevity.

     Most of all, I would like to help children, because they are the least to blame for the eco-flaw of adults, the most interested in it and have no opportunity to resolve the issue on their own.

    Since this sounds like missionary work, I want to explain in the first person. No, I am not another Messiah, Anunnak or reptiloid. I have not been sent by a higher power to open the eyes of earthlings (although who knows.... Well, at least I don't know that for sure yet).

   On the contrary, unfortunately, I am an ordinary person who (as it became clear later) has spent most of my life doing the wrong thing, or at least not in the right way, i.e. without regard for ecology. For engineering and development, to which I have devoted quite a few years, is about how to create lifeless objects that kill nature and people from life-giving natural resources.  Economics, marketing, management help to do this killing in the fastest and most efficient way, also took me a part of my life. And all of this I did without paying tribute to ecology, which I now regret.

    On the other hand, I am a happy head of household, father of four sons, twice a grandfather, a man with several educations, a degree and practical experience in labor, business, and social activities. I have always cared about social issues/problems. Public service is not a fad for me, but a natural, challenging but rather interesting and, most importantly, meaningful activity.

   I have always strived and continue to strive to know the truth in important and relevant matters.  I try to live "not according to a lie" (while respecting the issues of survival and security of my family and associates), because I believe that an adequate reflection of the realities of life in consciousness, rhetoric and everyday practices only helps a successful life. One should only strive to ensure that this reflection/understanding is truly adequate at all levels and in all hypostases.

    I have been purposefully collecting, analyzing, and verifying information on the health of Nature, People and Society for about a decade and a half now. I work out many things in practice, publish, speak, discuss with colleagues and with a wide audience from very different social strata/segments and from different countries and regions. I am retrieving from the archives, from the depths of my own and older people's memory, pictures of life's practices, trying to understand which ones were discarded wisely and which ones were discarded out of stupidity and lack of understanding of the consequences for posterity. And even a superficial analysis clearly shows that mankind could easily avoid many of life's problems simply by not making erroneous turns at the forks of civilization’s movement.

     On the other hand, knowing these wrong turns, in many cases, allows you to bounce back, reset and get on the right track in life. We refer to this as ESCape to Life. It is easy to remember by the ESC key, which is on any computer keyboard in the upper left-hand corner.  That said, ESC is an abbreviation for EcoSanaClub. That is why the full title of the book and our formula for saving Homo Sapiens looks like

EcoSanaClub – ESCape to Life!

    This book is too complex and important for our entire species. It is also very dynamic, as BigLife is constantly adjusting and new challenges, such as pandemics and natural disasters. I cannot do this book alone, and I hope to involve in this process bright and caring heads from different spheres and corners of the Earth.

    The more so because the process of CO-creation itself, it is also useful, interesting, and partly a result. I have taken on only what I have been good at in life: formulating an idea, developing a concept, structuring, and organizing collaboration. Let's present this in the form of a table of contents with a disclosure of the essential ideas (outline-prospectus) of the book-project.


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   Chapter 1. ONE LIFE. 

   And man has one, and in the Cosmos/Universe Life is one and consists of matter, energy and/or algorithms (data). And these algorithms may have been conceived by the Creator, we add.

    The cosmos is infinite and far away from us, so we will not go there. Let us only note, since we will need it, that in it, in addition to Life, there is Nothingness. And let's deal with human life, which, as we have noted, is one, but has two dimensions.


   Chapter 2. TWO DIMENSIONS OF LIFE: QUANTITY AND QUALITY.   Quantity is duration, measured in years, the more the better.  Quality of life is first and foremost Health, which according to the WHO (World Health Organization) has three facets.



   These facets, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), show the state of health.

    Incidentally, the world's leading expert about happiness, Harvard University professor Tal Ben-Shahar, defines this coveted state as Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional and Social Wellbeing. So, as many of us have guessed, health can almost be equated with happiness.

    We will present it as a tree with its trunk, branches, and leaves. All of them are interconnected, but we will highlight physical well-being as the trunk (Mens sana in corpore sano - in a healthy body a healthy spirit). Let us look at the roots that most significantly nourish the trunk and the rest of the health tree. There are four of them.



This is how the form of life called Homo Sapiens evolved, that it/we need: BREATHING, which is the consumption of air (and of a certain quality-composition); NOURISHMENT, which is the consumption of water and food (also not just any food, but from certain natural elements and creations); MOTION, which uses as fuel all that we consume, helps to get new food, arranges and keeps everything we consist of in proper condition; and finally, in order, but not in importance, INCLUSION, which we understand in two manifestations.

    The first is the macro-INCLUSION of our organisms into the organism of Nature, the Biosphere. In other words, the inclusion of the "small" life of the individual into the macro-Life of the Earth or the Cosmos.  These are interconnected and mutually nourishing constituent parts, and they should not just be included in each other, but have as extensive an exchange of elements as possible.

    The second is to turn on all the channels within our body through which all the trace elements in our body systems move, supplying its organs and parts with the necessary oxygen, energy, various chemical and biological elements, and other things needed for proper life activity.  The need for this inclusion is due to the fact that with our "civilized" behavior (stress, improper consumption and movement) we constantly create blockages in the way of the body's elements, damaging our health and life itself. That is why the most intelligent of Homo Sapiens use special techniques for both kinds of inclusion. These are called meditations, prayers, and auto-training, among others, and they are very important and effective.    

    But five resources are needed for the proper condition of this and all four together of the roots of the tree of health.


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    Since man physically (as well as mentally and socially) is a part of Nature, his condition, which is called health, depends on the most important components of Nature. These constituents are resources for the human body and its systems, and their quality determines the proper functioning of the body, just as the quality of fuel determines the performance of an engine and the quality of water determines the taste of a drink.

    The top five resources are:

   - air (atmosphere);

   - water (hydrosphere, fresh water reservoirs are especially important);

  - flora (flora, forests, swamps and fertile soils are especially important);

   - fauna (animal world, wild natural species are especially important);

   - climate (its stability is critical for the successful survival of both humans and other species of fauna and flora).

    It has already been absolutely and indisputably proven by serious scientists and recognized by the UN, its relevant agencies (IPCC/IPCC, etc.) and all responsible nations that all the above components of Nature/Biosphere are rapidly deteriorating. That is, the state of air, water, flora, fauna, and climate is becoming increasingly harmful to humans.  And it is also indisputably proven that this deterioration is of anthropogenic origin, that is, it is the work of humans, the result of their economic (it would be more accurate to say - mismanagement) activities.

    Judge for yourself: in the last two and a half centuries man has done more damage to Nature-Life than his ancestors did in tens of thousands of years and all the other inhabitants of Earth in tens of millions of years before that!  

    There is no denying that in this period people conducted economic activity according to the rules of capitalism, in which the aim of activity was to make a profit.  This goal setting shaped in many cases the corresponding ethics and morality, reflected in maxims such as "not a thief is not caught, but a successful businessman", "profit at any price", "if you are so smart, why are you so poor?" and the like.

    Yes, capitalism has dramatically increased labor productivity, expanded the variety of goods and services to a mind-boggling degree, increased their availability and quantity for people. But ask the question: was all this intensity, all this stimulation to achieve "at any cost and in the shortest possible time" ambitious but essentially often unnecessary goals and accomplishments necessary? In any case, since the most important conditions for the preservation of human and Nature's health have not been met, all this has brought the environment and humanity itself to the brink of ruin.

How is it that people have brought their own demise?

    In short, foolishness! But after a brief conclusion, a thorough justification with, excuse me, elements of philosophy are required.

    The point is that the universe has not only a Sphere of Mind - Noosphere (still in its infancy and how to develop it we will discuss later), but also a Sphere of Stupidity - stupid sphere.  (Or, since the Greek (νοῦς σφαῖρα) was used to designate the noosphere, connoisseurs may suggest "βλακεία σφαῖρα", or vlakeíasphere in the English transcription).

    Here, for that matter, I venture to share with the enlightened public my latest insight, or rather a discovery-hypothesis made at the intersection of the military, business, and cosmogony:

   Mind (cosmic) is the commander of the realm of Life;

   Stupidity (cosmic) is the commander of the kingdom of Nonexistence.

   These warlords are forever and everywhere fighting a fierce battle for life and death respectively. Foolishness in the service of Nonexistence has clearly overpowered the last centuries. It has cunningly and insidiously infected people with the Six Vices, formed Six powerful armies of them and armed them with Six types of modern weapons.


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    So, Cosmic Stupidity (not to be confused with individual stupidity), in fact, turned out to be not so stupid. In any case, it was smart enough to understand that the most effective thing is to influence the consciousness and behavior of individuals, so that they serve not to Reason and Life, but to it, Stupidity. And it gradually substituted with various means, sometimes with informational infections, sometimes with a kind word, sometimes with a gun, and sometimes all at once, with harmful vices useful for everyone and everything, with which Homo Sapiens lived for tens of thousands of years.

    As everyone understands in what, but in vices, and the same to someone may seem a virtue, and to someone a vice, let's make an important caveat.  The author in this work speaks from the ECO-SANA-CLUB position and evaluates everything from the perspective of usefulness or harm to the health (welfare) of nature - Man - Society (ECO-SANA-CLUB). So it is from these positions that one must understand the composition and order of the chosen six vices.

   6.1. Six Eco-vices.

   In many religious and ethical teachings, the list of vices begins with vanity, aka pride, etc. But from an ecological point of view, we criticize this vice mainly because it makes us accumulate palaces, yachts, and other luxuries.  Overall, however, in the age of the internet, vanity-ambition can serve as an engine of good deeds, so we have taken it off the shortlist.       So have several others, such as avarice. In the context of consumer bacchanalia, it looks more like a saving virtue, especially to those around us.

    And here's what we've included and why:

   - Stupidity (of an individual) is the first vice in order and in importance, the progenitor of all other vices leading to death. (Let's agree with O. Wilde that "There is only one sin - stupidity.")

   - Meanness (deceit) - often acts instead of and / or together with stupidity, undermines trust, cooperation, does not allow to adequately understand what is happening, find the right solutions, destroys society;

   -Greed - the desire to appropriate everything to oneself, while the goals of survival require sharing and minimizing personal appropriation;

   -Aggressiveness - is detrimental to the health of individuals, society and nature and results in an unsustainable expenditure of resources, including vital resources;

   - Indiscretion - with the depletion of natural resources -is particularly damaging;

   -Laziness - it interferes with health, which requires movement and effort, but even worse, that “laziness is the engine of progress” gives rise to all sorts of objects and devices for comfort that kill Nature and people;

    The first two vices are the main recruiters and coaches of the six armies (groups) of Homo Sapiens, amicably, powerfully, and cheerfully destroying their environment, themselves and all other fellows, including the lesser ones. Remember, as in the fairy tale, the wooden soldiers of Urfin Jus set themselves on fire and rejoiced at the fire, not realizing that it was destroying them. Well, they were wooden fools, for sure, and acted foolishly. And there are many people who understand that by harming Nature they deprive others, including their descendants, of health and well-being. But still, they do not oppose it, simply because of a desire for comfort.  What else is there to call such behavior but meanness?

   6.2. The six armies of the current life-destroying economic system

    To avoid repeating the unpleasant words "stupid and/or mean" in every line, we will use the acronym.

 + Stupid and / or Mean-Spirited (hereafter referred to as S&S) consumers/users - they are the most numerous and include many members of the rest of the armies. Ultimately, everything on earth depends on them, but they are poorly aware of this and do not realize their responsibility;

 +S&S Inventors/Designers - - unfortunately, most of these professions, who were not taught biology in higher education, were not required to take care of Nature and human health in business. The main thing is to come up with something new, so that it can be easier to make and sell. And they justify themselves:

  a) by the need to feed their families and associates,

  b) by the insignificance of their contribution to the damage of Nature on a global scale and that

  c) "if not me, then others will do it, and even worse";

    The same can be said of many:

+ S&S Manufacturers, Builders, etc.;

+ S&S Salespeople, Marketers, etc.;

   To some extent, this also applies to

+S&S for Politicians and big Businessmen;

   and also, to

+S&S for Artists, Propagandists, Thinkers and mind Melders;

   The latter two groups cannot afford to appear stupid, so they try to prove that they have heard about the problem of the demise of Nature and Homo Sapiens, but do not believe in it.         Or that they do not agree with the anthropogenic origin of these phenomena, and therefore "see no point in twitching about and changing anything in their perfectly organized way of life". 

    And some even reinforce their position with a counterattack: "On the contrary, since the end is near, one should enjoy the remaining time of existence, so as to take everything from life and not regret anything when it comes to an end"...

    Such VIPs try not to think too much about the fate of their children and grandchildren, so as not to reduce their comfort level, including mental comfort.

    These groups are the least numerous but have the strongest influence on the broad masses of Homo Sapiens both by virtue of their power and financial capacity and by virtue of their publicity backed by PR.  Most of the masses believe that "because he is so rich (or powerful), he must be smart". But often even the world's oligarchs are rather uneducated people, because apart from "debit-credit, balance is yours" they have little interest in life (well, except art, more precisely its valuable objects and works). And certainly, few of them have delved into the problems of biology, ecology, sustainable development, anthropology, noosphere, etc., if this did not bring profit, which even according to the charter of commercial structures is the main purpose of their existence.  Therefore, much more important in business and in the policies that support it, are the six striking business weapons. It is not without reason that many business textbooks treat markets as a battlefield.

   6.3. The six main tools of the current economic system

    The formula for the development and functioning of capital, the accumulation of which is the main aim of the activities of the subjects of the capitalist economic system, is Money-Commodity-Money+.  The one who has sold the most goods is the best! But how can we sell if people already have normal clothes, food, housing, transportation, and other necessities of life?  That's where the sorceress FASHION comes to the rescue, supported by the vice of VANITY!

   -So, what if you already have it? You don't wear that nowadays! (You don't ride it! You don't eat it! ...You don't look at it... etc., etc.).  And the duration of this "now" has shrunk by orders of magnitude, and in clothes has already reached "fashion of the week"!   Adepts of fashion are full of junk, which is used once a year, and even not used at all.  And they do not care, that on manufacture of one pair of jeans more than 10 tons (!!!) of water are consumed, and on one kilogram of made goods/items people take from the Nature - mother 100 kg of her body - natural resources (woods, air, water, soil, fauna, etc.).

    The main pernicious feature of fashion is that by following it, people consume not what they really need for life, health, and well-being, but what some idols acquire/consume. In fact, it is what the producers have drummed into their heads, with the help of those same idols.  

    So even if a fashion for environmentally friendly things were to arise, we would not be very happy about it, because it would still be mindless and ultimately meaningless and non-environmental consumption.  So, first in this top six, we put a weapon of mass destruction called

   - Fashion that hits people in vulnerabilities, weakened by those listed in 6.1. vices;

   The remaining five tools (we are talking about those cases when they are not aimed directly at the preservation of Nature and man) largely serve FASHION:

   -Invention (production invention) invents new products and services to sell them to consumers and to make them want or must buy something else as soon as possible. The logical pinnacle of manufacturing invention has been one-off products, which began with napkins and hygiene products and have now evolved into complex and costly technology;

   -Conveyor Production seeks to cut costs and make goods as cheaply as possible, so that the customer, without thinking about quality, would buy what is produced. And so that even the most uneducated and unskilled people can participate in the production of this crap (excuse me, products so beautiful and fashionable, but losing their useful properties, if they have them at all, much faster than they should);

   -Globalization and Regional Specialization serve roughly the same purpose, but on a global scale. And so, this tool includes countless flotillas of monster freighters, the same flotillas of ships but by air, endless strings of trains and hordes of long-haul vehicles;

   -Marketing looks for ways and means to sell inventions invented by inventors and produced by producers. The arsenal continues to include founder Philip Kotler's teaching that "If there is no demand for what you make, you must create it". Producers and retailers continue to repeat the mantra that "advertising is the engine of trade! And the pinnacle of marketing thought, the shortest, most vivid, all-conquering maxim - "Packaging sells the product!  This idea has already penetrated even into the heads of the most conservative subjects of the economic system - Russian village grannies, gardeners, and vegetable growers. For the first fifteen years of the new capitalism in Russia, they sold dirty potatoes without packaging. But in recent years it has been hard to fend off the plastic boxes and cups into which they pack handfuls of berries.  Or from the bags they impose, even if you buy clean apples or cucumbers in your reusable bag.

 And finally, the sixth weapon:

   -Automatization and Mechanization without borders and meaning.  

    In industry, logistics and trade, this is a total trend. It is easier for company owners to manage machinery than live staff, who have various human situations and rights. That is why automated lines are installed, staff is laid off, and more products are produced, cheaper and in beautiful packaging.

    And then society and mankind are puzzled about where to dispose of these mountains of products, often not only useless, but even harmful to both Nature and people. What to do with the packaging?  And most importantly, what to occupy the laid off? How to rid them of hypodynamia, maintain health, ensure socialization and money allowance. That is, all the things that, before automation, people had and provided for themselves.

    Automation and mechanization in the home is also often absurd. We buy a mixer, or a robot hoover, clutter up the house with unnecessary things, burn electricity, polluting the atmosphere with energy waste, deprive ourselves of natural exercise, buy fitness equipment or take a car to the fitness center for a treadmill.   One can argue endlessly about what is better: exercise in a fitness center or work in the garden and at home on the household chores (which, incidentally, can be done with the right load of muscles, stretching, etc.).  But it's too late to argue now: nature's resources are running out, the environment and the climate have deteriorated and if we want our children and grandchildren to live at least not much worse than us (and for some it's a question of survival as such!), then we should choose the latter.

   We know from our own experience that this is:

    a) quite possible,

    b) not very difficult,

    c) healthy, enjoyable, and

    d) promising for posterity.

    But, of course, if these and other correct practices and life hacks are implemented on an appropriate scale.

© Copyright, Valery Vakulenko 2018-2022


   Chapter 7. THE SEVEN SCALES OF HABITAT. Our statuses and opportunities to influence at these scales.

    Every person is at the same time a family member, a neighbor, a fellow countryman, a citizen, etc. It is very important to understand your responsibilities and opportunities in these roles and to find the scale at which you can do the best for people and yourself, to discover your potentials and talents.  There is a lot to think about and work on here, because often people who seemed very insignificant and what they were doing was of little use to anyone turned out to be leaders in business or social movements on a global scale. For example, Greta Thunberg, whom we know and will tell you about, as well as many other prominent defenders of nature and life on Earth (let's call them Eco-Guards for short). We will also talk about those who harm Nature and other people's lives (we call them Eco-Pests for short).

    The progressive achievement here is for the Eco-guards to encompass an ever-increasing scale of influence and control.  In contrast, eco-pests, through education, persuasion, or other methods, should be prevented from harming flora, fauna and people. Which is in their vital interest too.   For all this, it is useful to have in front of you a hierarchy of activity levels.

   1.Home /Family;



   4.Region /Countryman;




   At each of these levels one can act simply as an activist (blogger, educator, agitator, etc.), or one can be a member of some executive or representative authority at home, township, district, city, etc. Commercial and non-profit structures, NGOs, groups, etc. on the theme of ecology, health and social well-being are also gaining huge potential and perspectives now and in the future.  They can be set up on their own or be involved in the work of those already established by their colleagues.

 Whichever location you choose as your outlet, the most important thing is that your and your colleagues' activities contribute to realizing the goals the ECOSANACLUB formula aims to achieve. To make it more concrete and systematic, let's break it down into eight rules.


© Copyright, Valery Vakulenko 2018-2022


   CHAPTER 8. EIGHT EFFECTIVE ECO-RULES.   For the survival of Homo Sapiens and its habitat.

    The point of any rules is that they should become a habit, a daily practice, and a reference point for people in all spheres of life and in different situations. Rules should be simple, universal, logically grouped, and easy to remember (therefore, a poetic form is desirable). Otherwise, they will not work well. What are the simplest, most effective, comprehensive, and reliable ways to save and improve the well-being of People and Nature? 

    This is what the formula is for 

ECO-SANA-CLUB, which means focusing all our thoughts and efforts on the Good for Nature (ECO), for Human Health (SANA) and for Society (CLUB, where people are friends and cooperate).

    Let's now explore each part of the formula in a little more detail and specificity.



   Rule 1. MORE NATURE 

the more pristine biosphere and climate, the one in which humans as a species emerged and evolved with the potential to regenerate themselves, the better!

   Rule 2. FEWER THINGS! 

the fewer things made from virgin natural resources, the better!

   THINGS, including REALITY, should only be created that are useful to Nature and Man, in acceptable quantities, of good quality, durable, actually necessary for life.

    If we Homo Sapiens, normal citizens, do not allow ourselves to be manipulated and consume less stuff, energy, and natural resources, then the developers, manufacturers, retailers, transporters etc. of all this will be forced to scale down their activities! And that will save a lot of natural resources, add to everyone's health and chances of survival.

    Everybody wins, even the downsized producers, because without prosperity their scale and billions mean nothing. The most intelligent of them can take their rightful place in the new ECO-economy which needs to be urgently created and developed instead of the all-consuming hammer of the existing mindless orthodox capitalist economy. By the way, it cannot, strictly speaking, be called an economy. Aristotle called such a system of economic management CREMATIC, i.e., acquisitiveness, the worship of profit and accumulation.

    The main thing in the New Economy, i.e., the ECO-Economy (we can call it the true Economy, because the existing one has become Aristotelian Chrematism), is that it must be friendly to Nature, Man and Society and serve them, not destroy them. The emphasis in it should be shifted to the proper manufacture of all things, their ergonomic use, repair, disposal. Specific ways of realizing these principles are already being worked out by scientists and practitioners and will be considered by us in due course and in due time.

    For now, let us note once again that the quickest and most realistic way to save ourselves in the current critical situation is to reduce the production and consumption of things and energy. It must not be forgotten that 1kg of stuff, on average, consumes 100kg of natural resources, i.e., Mother Nature's body!



    Rule 3.  EAT healthy!

   Consume and assimilate correctly: clean air and water, healthy foods, medicines, sunshine, and useful information and other resources. A man is what he is made of, and he is made of what he consumes.

    Rule 4. MOTION: form a healthy lifestyle and habits! 

    Develop useful talents, potentials (abilities, skills); acquire a lifestyle (work/activity/leisure) that maximizes ergonomics and useful movement, movement/travel, recovery, and the use of personal positive potentials.

    Rule 5. TO NATURE CONNECTION:  macro and micro are the two types of connection.

    This was discussed in Chapter 4, in the description of one of the roots that feed life.

    MACROCONNECTION is the incorporation of our organisms into the organism of Nature, the Biosphere. In other words, the incorporation of the "small" life of the individual into the macro-Life of the Earth or the Cosmos.  These are interconnected and mutually nourishing constituent parts and they should not just be included in each other but have as extensive an exchange of elements as possible.

   MICROCONNECTION - is the activation of all the channels within our body through which all the trace elements in our body systems move, supplying its organs and parts with the necessary oxygen, energy, various chemical and biological elements, and everything else needed for proper functioning.

    In general, the SANA section aims to protect, improve, and prolong life.   In it, piece by piece, we will gather useful knowledge and skills on effective physical, organizational, legal, medical, technical, software, information (including Bigdata, AI, ML, NN) and other means of protection and restoration.

    We will also identify what IS HARMFUL AND LEARN HOW TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM IT. From harmful anthropogenic, environmental, climatic, informational, chemical, radioactive, bacteriological, physical, energetic, psychological, social, power, and other harmful influences on health and longevity.




    In our ECO-SANA-CLUB formula, the last component has the most conventional character. A club means a place where people gather voluntarily, based on their interests, and in friendship and cooperation do what they and others enjoy.

    Overall, it symbolizes a positive, intelligent community. It is not about profit, as in primitive business, but about development, communication, and interaction with others, which ideally leads to happiness.

    The guru Tal Ben Shahar, mentioned earlier, also believes that "happiness is not about money or prestige, but about the quantity and quality of time we spend with the people we care about". Writers in particular have mastered this theme. Saint-Exupéry called human companionship "the highest luxury on earth". Another writer, Chaboua Amirejibi, extolled "unhurried human interaction".

    So, the Club as a format and a place where positive communication, business and leisure cooperation, the possibility to receive necessary useful services, including medical, educational, where trust reigns - is an important component of the triune formula for the preservation and development of Nature and people's lives. Let's see what the rules are for the successful organization and development of the Club itself, which, it is important to remember, can have any scale - from the family to the city and the world.


   Rule 6. SHARE (talents, things, energy)

    Reasoning to the contrary: What is the point of having talents or possessing important knowledge, skills, if they are not shared with others, with the public?  Why keep things that are very rarely used?  Not only is it useless, but it is harmful to the 'holder', to Nature and to society.


  Rule 7. COOPERATE (cooperate, socialize, have fun)

   "Share" and "Unite" are two sides of the same coin. When we willingly share talent, knowledge or even things, we enter a positive relationship with a certain number of people. In doing so, we bring them together on some basis of mutual interest.

   -Share and unite;

   -Forget "divide and conquer";

   - Unite friends, help comrades-in-arms,

 protect and survive.


  All these seemingly simple, unpretentious slogans are in fact the most effective life strategies. It has already been proven by scholars and practitioners in the most advanced countries and institutions that broad cooperation, trust, sharing or exchange of everything possible, from ideas and performances to things and large objects, is much more effective than autonomy at different levels.  Of course, if we are not aiming to quickly destroy Nature and ourselves but are based on a life strategy according to the ECOSANACLUB formula.



Add useful, reliable information and its clean, verified sources.     

    In our time, Vernadsky's century-old doctrine of the Noosphere as the highest part of the biosphere, under the influence of intelligent humans, is supported by relevant technological advances. But there are also many phenomena destroying the Noosphere, chief among which is the degradation of people, manifested in the reduction of cognitive abilities, minimization of knowledge, clogging of brains with false information and understandings.

    Therefore, the developments of BIGDATA, AI, ML, NN the creation, maintenance, and use of quality databases with useful, important, reliable information, must be accompanied by a cleansing of harmful lies and myths.  To include as many people as possible in the Noosphere, useful and sensible rules, ethics, laws should be promoted and spread as widely as possible.

    And, most importantly, something practically useful for the environment, health and society needs to be done all the time and everywhere.  There are millions and billions of opportunities. There are as many as there are people on the planet, for everyone contributes to these areas through their activities. All that is needed is for everyone to think about and determine what they can do that is useful and within their potential. And to do it in the most efficient way, i.e., to achieve the maximum results with the minimum costs.

Let's show nine of our projects as an example.


© Copyright, Valery Vakulenko 2018-2022



    So, at one time I realized that there is and can be nothing more important than keeping my children, grandchildren, and descendants alive. (It happened at the turn of my half-century, when I was reflecting and determining what I could do most importantly in the next half-century). And for that it is necessary to preserve, or rather to restore - to save, the habitat, without which normal life is not possible. 

   Since I am not a global oligarch, president of a power, UN Secretary General or Pope, I realized that the greatest contribution I can make is to learn the right way of life everywhere and in everything myself, as well as to involve my family, relatives, people far away and anyone else I can reach. Based on our education, knowledge, experience, fields of work, connections, etc., we began to practice and promote this knowledge and skills everywhere, seeking to consolidate them as habits/day-to-day practices.

   Moreover, one of the important principles of these educational and coaching efforts, I kept a rule that I formulated and observed back when I was implementing my first publishing and educational project. At that time, I and a group of co-authors published the first package of practical manuals (nine books) under the title "How to create a new type of company and organize its effective work".  This was back in 1990-1991, when the socialist system of management and state administration that had existed in the USSR was barely working, and not many people understood how to create a new one.

   This principle is quite simple:

  " For others as for yourself,

   for yourself as for others!" 

  Later I learned that it was almost a fundamental biblical tenet, "Do not do to others what you would not want done to you!  But in the Soviet Union, at school, at university and in graduate school, we were made atheists and the scriptures were not taught. Which is a pity because the rule is good and works very effectively.

    And people around them have more confidence in those who follow such rules, rather than in others, such as "it's not shameful to cheat a sucker".  Of course, if the aim is "to make a lot of money, fast and big", then the latter rule is more appropriate. But the goal itself makes no sense, if the main thing is not the health, longevity and well-being of each person. To achieve this, a good ecology (environment) and a healthy society are essential. This, in turn, requires a massive and widespread switch to appropriate standards of behavior, which are named in chapter eight and substantiated in the preceding text.  

    Thus, based on:

  a) awareness of the major common problems of the age that concern everyone,

  b) willingness to contribute to their solution,

  c) texisting capacities, interests and

  d) understanding the most effective ways of implementing all the above, we have chosen the following project themes to identify specific problems, explore and find the best solutions and promote them to wider practice. Everything we offer to others, we experience firsthand and are ready to share it: photos, videos, stories, leisure activities, deeds, successes of the Vakulenko family. We love fun, informative, and rewarding meetings with friends, and we value integrity and reliability in relationships and cooperation with associates.

  9.2.EcoEstate (eco-house/village). Real estate takes most of the life resources from Nature. How to make your home and settlement an Autonomous Eco-Fortress, a stronghold of Homo Sapiens, Flora and Fauna? How, for this purpose, to carry out Eco-tuning of an existing object or create a new one? We will tell and show on real examples;

  9.2.1.Bambookhutor  (bamboo farm). A concrete EcoEstate facility that has been successfully implemented and operated. Experts and media have called it "The first unique eco-hotel in Sochi" and "An oasis in an asphalt-concrete desert" etc., with guests giving it the highest marks. The BAMBUKHUTOR eco-hostel is located in the Olympic Park, now Sirius, and operates as an exhibition, educational and works as an exhibition and educational and experimental base with a stream of guests and interested parties;

  9.3.EcoPolis.  The role of cities for a healthy, safe, and comfortable life for everyone is growing in the world. How to develop them properly and what can we do for that?  Theory and practice of the best Russian, European and world cities, including Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), Sirius-Sochi, the Finnish city of Lahti (Green Capital of Europe 2021) and Lappeenranta with the world's greenest university campus.

  9.4.EcoRegion.  The increasing role of regions and agglomerations is another global trend for economic development as well as for the well-being of human settlements and their inhabitants. Theory and practice of the best Russian, European and global regions, and agglomerations.

  9.5.EcoPower. EcoPower is the best power. Legislation and experience of countries with the greatest potential and experience, developments for a sustainable world.  Ways to 'green not green' and promote existing positive eco-solutions.

  9.6.EcoEurope.  The European Union (Green Deal project) is the most advanced and powerful global engine for sustainable development. It is advisable to study their experience, cooperate and take advantage of existing programmed of financial and other support for relevant projects.

  9.7.EcoEco.  Most of the anthropogenic transformations on Earth which have brought humanity to the brink of destruction are carried out by business and government, acting according to the rules of capitalist economics ("money-goods-money-plus").  Today, company charters legally state "Profit Generation" as the main objective. And there is no need to commit to "not harming people's health", "not harming nature", taking care of future generations, etc. 

   A similar approach is taken by the authorities at different levels, who are most concerned with filling the budget, investment, and new jobs. And, very often, the goals are achieved at the expense of environmental degradation and public health.  This state of affairs must be changed before it is too late. Here a number of very complex but interesting tasks arise how to make ecosystem services of Nature a priority, not GDP, how to link national quotes, token emission, cryptocurrencies, etc. to them. If we want to survive, the Economy has to be EcoEco and no other! EcoEco!  EcoPower!

     9.8.EcoCulture. Culture for the Sustainable development.   

  Texts and meanings alone make it difficult to reach the minds of ordinary people, even on issues of vital importance to them. It is necessary to promote culture and the arts, which are able to penetrate people's hearts and souls.  Besides, nobody cancelled good leisure time and wholesome pleasures.  But another point is even more important - culture determines our behavior, our treatment of Nature, our attitude towards health and those around us.

  9.9.EcoGuards. Mass co-creation, like crowdsourcing, is fine, but without active and motivated leaders, large-scale tasks cannot yet be solved.  We need strong, well-known and authoritative Eco-guards.  There is no more time to nurture them "from scratch". Therefore:

 a) Engage VIPs at different levels in support and development of the SDGs and ESC;

  b) find eco-neutrals and even eco-villains (people, firms, organizations, countries), re-educate them and turn them into eco-warriors.

  Finally, the final chapter and integrating all the previous projects.


© Copyright, Valery Vakulenko 2018-2022

   Chapter 10. Generations declaration


   The most important factor that has ensured Homo Sapiens' unrivalled power and dominance on Earth is the cooperation of generations in passing on knowledge and experience from the elder to the younger.  However, in the context of mass material prosperity and mass de-bilocation, the most important topics on which information is exchanged have almost disappeared: issues of survival and long-term sustainable prosperity.

 There is a need to strengthen intergenerational cooperation dramatically and extensively in the transmission of crucial useful experiences, especially in the preservation and enhancement of health. And also in the material sphere, in order to ensure prosperity, but without harming Nature. The "intergenerational declaration" is intended, by means of "crowdsourcing" (let us construct such a term), to be a list of the most important themes and tasks, as well as a tool for their coordination and promotion.

   We should finally return to the ancient paradigm that "We do not inherit land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children".


© Copyright, Valery Vakulenko 2018-2022



is also a formula for a new sustainable world order as well as for the Noosphere

   So, in this project-book we have told that Homo Sapiens, being a product of Nature and its part, foolishly, so developed the possibilities and tools of influence on the Nature, that has brought own environment and itself to abyss of non-existence. We have outlined the most important problems from the field of biology and ecology facing humanity and some, in our opinion, of the most effective and realistic ways of solving them. But the Russian Federation's strike ("SVO") on Ukraine and the resulting world situation have shown that not only natural factors can be destructive or, conversely, lifesaving for humanity, but also societal ones. The latter depend on the correctness of the world order created by people on the Earth.

   It is extremely dangerous not only to break, but even to damage the established Westphalian world order, which is supposed to protect humanity from nuclear wars and other means of species’ suicide and has so far fulfilled this mission. Of course, the Westphalian security system, in its current format based on the UN, the Helsinki Accords and other institutions, will now have to prove its right to exist in the face of criticism and accept modernization after being blown through the war in Ukraine. 

      We, too, will not be left out of this really important and fundamental debate.  In our view, it is time to adopt not another (seventh or whatever) version of Westphalia, but a new paradigm and a new system based on the priority of the goal of Homo Sapiens survival and the sustainable development of civilization. And sovereignties and other cornerstones of the Westphalian system should be subordinated to this goal.

    Closely related to the theme of world order is another, equally important, but less visible and tangible theme of the Noosphere, to which wars are also extremely damaging. This part of the biosphere, apparently composed of information and algorithms, is supposed to be as clean as a spring of a global system of verified and important knowledge. But in wartime it is polluted by torrents of lies and can be turned into a dirty sewer.   

     The latter are considered quite justified and affect not only the hostilities as such, but also many things around them.  Mark Twain said: "Nowhere do they lie more than in court". The satirist may have exaggerated about the trial, but in war it is considered the norm. How to avoid a catastrophic poisoning of Noosphere's info-sources? What filters will help clean up the mud flows?  How to shift people's attention from confrontation and destruction to cooperation and creation?

     Only by immersing yourself in life-affirming, constructive and positively evolving themes! Viktor Frankl, the greatest psychologist of the last century, who lived through the horrors of war and the Nazi concentration camp, lived 92 years and became a world-renowned moral authority, wrote: "In subhuman conditions, only those who aspire to the future, who believe in their vocation and dream of fulfilling their destiny can survive" (book "Man in Search of Meaning").

         And another of his great and relevant insights: "We have to teach ourselves and explain to the doubters that it's not about what we expect from life, but what it expects from us" (book "To Say Yes to Life: A Psychologist in a Concentration Camp").

       Viktor Frankl meant (and millions of his followers and I am sure many of you reading this can attest to this) that meaningful fulfilment of reasonable requests of people, society, and Life itself is not only the way to serve the society, but also the way to your own success and happiness.

       The ECOSANACLUB project-book is intended for interested people to search together for what Life expects of us.  We just formulated the structure and some directions of this search to make it more effective and systematic.  We are also going to share what we know and give information sources we have found and checked for quality.  We will seek concrete answers to concrete questions together with those who are not indifferent to the world's problems. We will work with those who are ready to seek solutions and share their knowledge, practices, and experiences, while respecting our interlocutors and finding like-minded people, companions, and friends in the process of searching and travelling along the mainstream honestly, accurately and persistently.

© Copyright, Valery Vakulenko 2018-2022

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