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From October 2019 under the auspices of the Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers (RTSRK)   established     Guild of Cultural and Art Workers  in support of the sustainable development goals.  

   Guild  is an informal creative association of experts in the field of promoting sustainable development through projects in the field of culture and art.

   Guild  is called upon to contribute in every possible way to the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals through the involvement of cultural and art figures in conscious actions to promote the values of sustainable development, to adjust the vector of development of mass culture for the purposes of sustainable development.

  Headed the Guild  Vakulenko Valery Mikhailovich.

   Members  Guilds  citizens of the Russian Federation and other states who accept the value of sustainable development goals and comply with the statutory requirements of the RTSRK (cultural and art workers, environmentalists, public and political figures, media representatives, other specialists in the field of sustainable development) can become

  Anyone with the desire and opportunity to become a member  Guilds  and contribute to the achievement of its goals, please contact us. 

  Contact phone +7 921 9333500  


It is important to act every day!  Not only our common well-being, but also the survival of the human species on Earth depends on this.


EuroForums on SD and other major forums in various sectors 

Performances with Eurostars

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Anton Vakulenko with a team of children set goals and inspired Russian strategists at the opening of the Forum




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March 24, 2022 at a gala evening dedicated to the Day of the Cultural Worker, fAnton Vakulenko family vocalist performed with the song "It's not too late" that is extremely relevant now

invitation to a gala evening dedicated to the Day of Cultural Worker 

Performance by Anton Vakulenko in the Hermitage Theater at a gala evening dedicated to the Day of the Cultural Worker.